About Us

Devdera Services Limited is a technology service consulting company established to help its clients accelerate growth and embrace the latest digital technologies.

Since our establishment with the corporate Affairs Company of Nigeria in February 2021, we have continued to pride in our ability to provide excellent customer service as an indigenous company.

Industry Experience

We have dedicated team of combined years of experience in the industry, spanning well beyond twenty years. We have have verious technological partnerships which strengthens our position to offer your the best services inline with best industry practices.

In utilizing digital technology to advance enterprises, we strive to set the standard. Our core beliefs continue to guide who we are, how we conduct business, and what goals we have.

Our Core Values

  • Openess
  • Innovation
  • Customer success
  • Team work

Our Approach

We assist our clients at any stage of their journey to becoming data-driven. From identifying the art of the possible to developing and supporting automated machine learning solutions. Understanding your business priorities is the first step in putting data to work.

Our process is centered on the customer, beginning with a preliminary analysis via Zoom or phone call and progressing to the planning phase, where we provide a comprehensive strategic plan with realistic implementation timelines.

  • 📃 Understand
  • 🚀 Explore
  • 🧱 Develop
  • 📦 Deliver